NZIBT is located within the Lincoln University campus grounds, an environment that is supportive, inclusive and rewarding for students and encouraging them to become a part of the ‘Lincoln’ way of life at the campus and to make use of the services available as an NZIBT student.

Our approach is intensively student focused and staff are fully committed to facilitating studies and helping resolve any issues which may make living and studying a challenge. Staff are accessible and able to be contacted easily and confidentially.

Not only do NZIBT agree to and observe the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students we also have support services available.

Students will have access to:

• Learning support via phone, email and office hours of lecturing staff;

• After-hours support via phone

• On-campus

• Lincoln University Library;

• In depth orientation;

• Learning support tutorials

When students opt for Student safe-University Medical and Travel insurance they are entitled to receive:

• Free Health Care from the Doctor, the Nurses, or the Counselling staff at the Student Health and Support on-campus at Lincoln University for matters coming under the
  scope of the insurance

• Students are automatically insured for up to 31 days prior to the programme start date (including insurance for travel from your home country).

Please contact us for a copy of The Code or click this link to download:"