Graduate Diploma in Business – Level 7


Tuition Fee

Resource Fee

Administration Fee

Studentsafe-University Insurance*
(12 months)








Note: All fees are shown in New Zealand dollars and do not include accommodation, living expenses or other programme-related or incidental expenses.

*Studentsafe-University Insurance is NZIBT’s preferred supplier and is recommended for applicants

Withdrawal and Refunds Policy - NZIBT

Category Required

Time refund application received by Institute

Amount of refund 

Documentary evidence required

Visa Refusal or Application Refusal

At any time

Full refund less a deduction of 25% of costs already incurred 

Original letter of rejection from Immigration New Zealand (based on NZIBTDiscretion)

Withdrawal or Transfer

Prior to programme commencement and within ten (10) working days of the programme commencement 

Full refund less a deduction of 25% of costs already incurred

Proof of course withdrawal

Offer letter from other Institute

Original air ticket

Letter from student

From the 11th working day onwards

No refund


Rejection of Visa Renewal

After the programme has commenced

No refund


Visa Cancellation for Breach of Visa Conditions

At any time

No refund


Refund if the Provider Defaults

At any time

Full refund

If transferring to another institute, the refund will be sent to the new institution.

Appeal for  application outcome

If the refund application outcome is not satisfied, student can lodge an appeal. The appeal will be reviewed by the Campus Manager of NZIBT.

Full policy details will be made available to students during the first week of their study.